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Business Compliance Partners (“BCP”) provides comprehensive affordable compliance programs and services to small and medium sized investment advisors and broker-dealers that do not have the time or resources to independently develop their own compliance programs. 

We break compliance tasks into easy “bite sized” pieces though our web-based monthly workbooks. Completing each workbook provides a monthly check-up to keep firms on track towards managing compliance tasks.

Expert advice is just a telephone call or e-mail away.

BCP does not offer legal, accounting or tax preparation services or advice. BCP is not a law or an accounting firm. None of the products or services offered by BCP or its consultants should be considered as legal, accounting or tax preparation advice or services nor as a substitute for such advice.


Available Products and Services

Instead of a static compliance calendar, BCP offers interactive monthly workbooks to make compliance tasks more manageable. The workbooks are delivered and completed through a cloud-based application and are designed to test policies and procedures, compliance with applicable regulations and alert clients to the need for corrective action. Completed workbooks are stored and made easily accessible on-line.

Clients also receive an annual review workbook that helps them test the adequacy of their policies and procedures as well as implementation throughout the previous calendar year. Broker-dealers also receive an annual workbook to assist them in conducting their annual audit to test the adequacy of their supervisory control procedures.

Clients receive regulatory updates and news articles about the latest compliance and regulatory developments.

Experienced consultants are available to answer routine compliance questions (by e-mail, telephone, etc.), and perform limited tasks as needed at no additional charge.

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Regulatory Filing Services

BCP provides filing services for annual registration renewals, annual amendments, updates to ADV Part 1, 2A and 2B brochures, as well as related filings (including U4s and U5s).

Note: Broker-dealers can receive assistance with CRD filings (i.e. U4s, U5s.) and other regulatory filings.

Hourly Consulting Services

Clients may elect to receive compliance consulting services on an hourly basis (billed in 15-minute increments). Clients will be invoiced at the end of each month for services performed during the month (if services are expected to be ongoing). If BPC is engaged to provide specific services, clients will be billed upon completion of those services.

Compliance consulting is available offsite (via e-mail and telephone) or one of our compliance consultants will visit a client’s office. Slightly higher hourly rates apply as well as travel expenses.

Note: Clients who purchase service packages receive preferred hourly rates.

Written Policies and Procedures Manuals

The SEC requires that all covered investment advisors have a set of written policies and procedures as well as a Code of Ethics. The same or similar requirements have been adopted by individual states.

Our manuals are offered through a 24-hour accessible cloud- based platform. Documents are stored on-line and can be made available to all firm personnel so there is no longer any need to distribute and maintain paper copies. Rules and regulations can change so manuals come with regular updates and alerts sent to clients so that policies and procedures do not become out-of-date.

Manuals come complete with descriptions of the applicable rules and regulations and sections that enable clients to customize the documents to reflect operating practices and procedures.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plans

Regulators are increasingly requiring that investment advisers and broker-dealers maintain Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plans.

Our template comes complete with descriptions of applicable rules and regulations and sections that enable clients to customize the documents to reflect operating practices and procedures.

Investment Adviser Registration Services

BCP will prepare application documents and any supplementary forms for review and signature by clients. We will also file all documents or supplementary forms with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

We can charge an hourly rate or a flat rate for the entire registration project, at the option of clients. (Fees do not include fees required to be submitted or paid in connection with any registration, license or membership application, self regulatory membership fees, bonding, fingerprinting or testing fees.)

Broker-Dealer Registration Services

• New Registration

• Continuing Membership Application


Broker-dealers and investment advisors should conduct regular internal reviews of business operations, policies and procedures, and compliance programs. BCP offers independent audits that are just like the real thing but without the penalties. Mock audits are designed to mimic regulatory examinations and provide a “compliance checkup” of client operations.

Investment Advisor Audit Services

• Mock Regulatory Audits

Broker-Dealer Audit Services

• Mock Regulatory Audits

• Independent Anti-Money Laundering Audits

• Gap Analysis and Annual Certification


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Virtual Compliance Officer



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Your Compliance Partner


Paul Cox, CEO and Christopher Kosifas, President founded Business Compliance Partners in 2010. Together they have over 35 years of experience in the securities industry including regulatory, legal, compliance and consulting. Their full biographies are available through LinkedIn.  Click the respective links to view bios for Paul Cox and Chris Kosifas. Follow Us On LinkedIn symbol

Our mission is to serve investment advisors and broker-dealers who do not have the time or the resources to develop and implement their own compliance programs. 

Our services are designed to enable our clients to more easily understand and implement their own compliance programs while maximizing the efficient use of their time to develop and manage their businesses. To do this, we provide a variety of programs and services designed to make compliance less of a chore. 

We simplify the compliance process and demystify the rules and regulations so that our clients know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it. Through our integrated programs and services, clients can purchase as much or as little compliance assistance as needed.

In today’s challenging world of increasingly complex rules and regulations you don’t want to go it alone. 

Contact Business Compliance Partners today.


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